I’m a time traveller from 2236 – world-changing events are coming but you need to prepare NOW for an apocalyptic tornado | The Sun

I’m a time traveller from 2236 – world-changing events are coming but you need to prepare NOW for an apocalyptic tornado | The Sun


A SELF-proclaimed time traveller has wildly claimed an apocalyptic tornado is due to hit.

The TikTok user, who bizarrely believes they are from the year 2236, has shared a series of world-changing events they claim will happen in the future.

In a clip shared on the platform, they told their 221,000 followers they could "prove" they are a time traveller by predicting what will take place in 2023.

The user makes unfounded claims the Maui dolphin will go extinct in February "due to being caught in large fishing nets because of overfishing".

They also believe that in April Disney will buy out a "large film studio" and get "access to some of the most popular movies ever".

Their third baseless claim is that in June, "one of the largest tornadoes" will hit the south side of North America and cause "many casualties".

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The TikTok user, who calls themselves @realtiktoktimetraveler, previously claimed we are just days away from first contact with aliens.

But many of their followers have hit back at the creator's claims, pointing out they never come true.

One person wrote: "He deleted his past predictions because non of them were accurate."

Another user said: "Oh my God bro you are not a time traveller."

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A third added: "If you’re a time traveller then what was the reason you came to 2022 to make a TikTok."

TikTok has become full of people who claim that they are from the future, or from the past, and have the ability to move between certain points in time.

It has prompted some alleged travellers to issue ground-breaking predictions such as potentially fatal meteor events and even a cure for paralysis.

One so-called time traveller shared videos on board a helicopter as "proof" he is stuck in a post-apocalyptic future.

Javier – who calls himself Lone Survivor – claimed he was posting from the year 2028 in a world with no other people.

Some of his seven million followers challenged him to prove his claims by going into an army base near Valencia, Spain.

Last month he posted footage of deserted barracks and a museum-piece helicopter – although it was unclear if he was inside the base itself.

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A few weeks later he followed it up with more footage that appears to show him climbing on board a modern rescue chopper.

He wrote in the caption: "If I can turn it on, where do you want it to go?"

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