I'm an American living in England – my house just doesn't make sense

I'm an American living in England – my house just doesn't make sense


I’m an American living in England – something in my new house just doesn’t make sense

  • Molly recently moved to England with her young family 
  • She and her relatives are learning all about ‘UK and British Culture’ 
  • The new homeowner spotted four things that she’s never seen before 

An American woman who recently relocated to England has shared four things which have left her dumbfounded as she adjusts to her new home.  

Molly, her partner and toddler left Texas and moved into an Airbnb across the pond as they wait to find a more permanent residence. 

In a video on TikTok, she shared four discoveries she had made in her new home that she’d never seen before – but are common in the UK. 

‘We’re learning all about England in the UK and British culture – we’re having a great time,’ Molly told viewers. 

Molly recently moved to a home in England with her young family, and right away, she spotted four things in her house that she has never seen before in her life

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The four things Molly spotted in her home were: On and off switches on outlets, no outlets in the bathrooms, one hot and one cold tap on the sink, and three ovens all in one

One thing that caught her eye were the on and off switches in her home’s outlets which she claims to be unfamiliar with. 

She asked: ‘Good for safety – why have the outlet line if you’re not using it? Something I truly never seen before in my life.’ 

The on and off switch on an electrical feature is a common in UK homes. 

Molly was also confused that by bathroom outlets which didn’t appear to provide power for appliances other than specialized shavers. 

‘What about our hair blow dryers – what about the women’s stuff?’ she questioned. 

Many bathrooms are not equipped with power outlets in bathrooms to minimize risk of fire hazards.  

Molly believes that the on and off switches featured on outlets are, ‘good for safety’


In the UK, there are shavers only outlets in the bathroom in order to prevent electrocution


The hot and cold sink taps also left Molly perplexed due to their not being a medium temperature feature like one usually sees in the US.

‘One hot, one cold,’ she stated while pointing to the water taps on one of her sinks.

She asked: ‘How do you get medium temperature water? Does it save on energy costs?’ 

‘I’d love to learn more about this because I truly don’t get that one.’ 

The two separate water taps Molly noticed in her home actually dates back to ‘a time when hot and cold water were kept separate to prevent contamination through cross connection,’ according to Kevin Wellman, who spoke with BBC in 2019.

‘Cold water came from a mains supply and was fit for drinking. Hot water would be serviced by a local storage cistern often situated in the loft,’ he added.

Molly questioned the taps due to the non existence of ‘medium temperature water’ and saving energy costs

The three ovens she discussed in her kitchen is called an AGA cooker – an appliance invented in Sweden that is commonly manufactured in the UK

All of the features Molly listed are common in homes in England and all of the UK, mainly for safety reasons


Molly’s home appears to be small, but she did not clarify the size of the English house in her video


Molly was also stumped after spotting three ovens combined into one appliance located in her kitchen.

Because of their sizes, Molly says that none of the baking trays she had shipped from America fit inside them.

Molly believed that one of the ovens was a ‘broiler,’ and that she’s just going to get an air fryer.

The three-oven setup Molly has in her kitchen is actually an AGA cooker – a kitchen appliance commonly manufactured in the UK.

Food52 listed various ways the AGA cooker can be used, including cooling down food, a clothes drying rack, and as, Molly predicted, can be used as a broiler.

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