Inside Italy’s quarantine zone amid the coronavirus outbreak

Inside Italy’s quarantine zone amid the coronavirus outbreak


Images from hospitals inside Italy’s coronavirus quarantine zone show medical workers suited up in hazmat-style gear to care for patients.

The alarming photos show infected patients being treated by doctors wearing protective suits, gloves, goggles and face masks at a hospital in Cremona, which is located in the hard-hit Lombardy region, according to Italian TV show PiazzaPulita.

Some of the patients were attached to life support, while others were seen lying face down in order to improve their oxygen levels.

The group has been relegated to two surgery units that were converted into coronavirus wards, which were designed to limit contamination, according to the report.

Nearly 150 people were at the hospital being treated for coronavirus as of Friday — with 11 patients in the intensive care unit, the program reported.

More than 9,100 people in the country have been infected with the virus, mostly in the Lombardy and Veneto regions that were placed on lockdown over the weekend to help contain the health threat.

The quarantine order — which impacts around 16 million people — is expected to last until April 3, Italian officials said.

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