Lindsey Graham mobbed at airport by MAGA fans shouting 'TRAITOR' after saying he is 'done' with Trump

Lindsey Graham mobbed at airport by MAGA fans shouting 'TRAITOR' after saying he is 'done' with Trump


REPUBLICAN Senator Lindsey Graham was called a “traitor” by a mob of MAGA at Reagan National Airport on Friday, after the lawmaker abandoned President Donald Trump. 

In a video inside an airport terminal, a crowd of people shouted “traitor” more than a dozen times as security staff stood around to protect the South Carolina senator. 

One woman in the video, obtained by Politico, shouted at Graham: “You’re a liar!”

Another person said, “You work for the people, you work for us, do you hear me?”

The crowd of Trump supporters followed Graham and security as they walked away. 

A woman wearing a T-shirt stating “I love Trump” and “Q” on the back, seemingly referring to the QAnon conspiracy theory, said to Graham: “One day [you] will not be able to walk down the street—it is today.”

Graham on Wednesday night—after Trump fans stormed the US Capitol to stop lawmakers from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory—broke away from Trump.

“From my point of view, he’s been a consequential president,” Graham said.

"But today, first thing you’ll see. All I can say is, count me out. Enough is enough. I’ve tried to be helpful.”

Conservative activist and political commentator Mindy Robinson shared another video of the encounter on Friday afternoon, with Graham clearly visible and walking with police around him. 

In the clip, a woman called Graham a “traitor to the country” and claimed that the senator knows the presidential election “was rigged.”

The woman said that Graham will be attacked “like this forever wherever you go for the rest of your life,” and demanded, “Audit our vote” multiple times. 

At the end of the video, the woman screamed various expletives at Graham. 

The identities of the people who followed Graham, and whether they partook in the Capitol riot on Wednesday, were not known. 

Graham is not the only member of the GOP who has faced backlash from Trump supporters. 

On Tuesday, Republican Senator Mitt Romney was similarly targeted by MAGA fans on an airplane from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC. 

Trump fans screamed “traitor” nearly 20 times at the Utah senator who affirmed Biden’s win and refused to support challenges to it from fellow Republicans. 

Romney was also approached by a Trump fan inside the airport at Salt Lake City. 

"You’re a joke, an absolute joke, it’s a disgusting shame,” the unidentified woman said to Romney.

Trump fans who broke into the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon stopped Congress from counting the Electoral College votes and confirming Biden’s victory.

But lawmakers reconvened on Wednesday night and finished the job. 

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