Manchester police are accused of 'animal abuse' over Facebook post

Manchester police are accused of 'animal abuse' over Facebook post


Manchester police are accused of ‘animal abuse’ after incinerating drugs and comparing the weight of the haul to ‘five German Shepherd dogs’

  • Police seized £750,000 of cannabis from a site in Cheetham Hill, Manchester 
  • The haul weighed in at 173kg and has since been destroyed in an incinerator
  • The force compared the weight of the drugs to five German Shepherds online
  • It prompted angry response on Facebook, including claims of ‘animal abuse’ 

Police who destroyed £750,000 worth of cannabis have been criticised on social media after comparing the haul to the weight of five police dogs.

Facebook users made claims of ‘animal abuse’ after North Manchester Police posted a message on the social media page detailing how they destroyed 173kg of the drug seized during a warrant by throwing it into an incinerator.

The post said that the weight of the drugs was the ‘equivalent of five German Shepherds’ – prompting angry responses, one of which accused officers of ‘animal abuse’.

Police found cannabis with a street value of £750,000 being cultivated at a site in Cheetham Hill, Manchester

Greater Manchester Police later destroyed the drugs in an incinerator but were criticised after comparing the weight to ‘five German Shepherds’

Geraldine George posted: ‘Why would you compare it to dogs!!’ 

Another user, Sue Donaghy said: ‘Could have used another alternative to the weight than a dog. All I can picture now is five German Shepherds in an incinerator.’

Daniel Keo added: ‘The person who posted this should be investigated for animal cruelty. Why are you thinking of putting German Shepherds in an incinerator? What animal abuser thought of that comparison, investigate them.’

The haul was seized during a raid in which officers found a large cannabis farm being grown at a house in Cheetham Hill on Monday.

The drugs were seized after a warrant was carried out in Cheetham Hill, Manchester

North Manchester Police said: ‘We have executed a warrant and found a large cannabis farm with an estimated £750k worth of drugs. 

‘If anyone has any information please pass it to us so we can continue taking drugs from the streets.’

A subsequent post had stated: ‘We have now dismantled the cannabis farm and 173kg of cannabis has been burnt at the incinerator! That’s the equivalent of 5 German Shepherds! Our van was filled!’

 Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for comment.

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