Megalodon sightings: When and where have the giant sharks been spotted?

Megalodon sightings: When and where have the giant sharks been spotted?


THERE have been reported sightings of the giant megalodon despite the creature having gone extinct millions of years ago.

But when and where has the megalodon been spotted? Here is everything you need to know…

Are megalodon's extinct?

Yes the megalodon is extict.

They dominated the oceans for 13 millennia before they died out 2.6million years ago. 

Megalodons grew up to 60ft (18 metres) long and weighed 100 tons, feasting on whales and great white sharks during the Pliocene era.

Despite the species being extinct, although there has been a number of "sightings".

Seamen in the 1900s have given accounts of spotting the prehistoric creatures while in more recent years conspiracy theorists have claimed that the gigantic sharks still roam the seas.

Despite these accounts, the majority of experts are adamant that there’s no evidence that the giant predator still exists.

Scientists believe the mighty megalodon – star of the Jason Statham film The Meg – might have been wiped out when Earth was hit by cosmic radiation 2.6m years ago.

The killer rays would have been the result of a star exploding (a supernova) 150 light years away from our planet, it's been reported.

Megalodon 'sightings'

  • New South Wales fishermen in 1918 claimed that their nets had been stolen by a huge shark.
  • Report from 1933 insisted that a mysterious sea beast with an enormous brown tale was spotted off the coast of French Polynesia
  • In 2018 several unexplained videos were posted online saying how the giant beast was thriving. One clip is reported to have been filmed at the bottom of the Mariana Trench and appears to show a giant shark scouring the seafloor.
  • On May 27, 2021, a gargantuan 17ft shark circling a cruise ship full of terrified tourists in the Atlantic was compared to a "megalodon".

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