Parkland survivor David Hogg to launch PILLOW company to rival Trump ally Mike Lindell's MyPillow

Parkland survivor David Hogg to launch PILLOW company to rival Trump ally Mike Lindell's MyPillow


PARKLAND school massacre survivor and gun activist David Hogg has revealed his remarkable plan to take on conservative MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Hogg, 20, announced today on Twitter that he will launch his own pillow company as "progressive competition" for Lindell, a staunch Trump supporter and outspoken conspiracy theorist – who was banned from Twitter last week for spreading misinformation about voter fraud.

Hogg — who was a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student in Florida during the 2018 slaughter — tweeted that he’ll team up with the progressive tech entrepreneur William LeGate to create a direct rival for Lindell's company.

“This pillow fight just got very real,” Hogg tweeted Thursday.

The company is yet-to-be-named but Hogg’s supporters on Twitter are begging for him to call it PillowHogg.

Several people suggested the name Our Pillow, but Hogg quashed that idea.

“Sadly it will not be called our pillow for legal reasons. But don’t worry the new name is even better. I wanted to call it Not My Pillow but was shut down for the same reason,” Hogg said.

Hogg claims his company could put Lindell, who peddles patented foam pillows on infomercials, out of business.

“[LaGate] and I can and will run a better business and make a better product all with more happy staff than Mike the pillow guy while creating US based Union jobs and helping people,” Hogg wrote.

“We also hope to hire formerly incarcerated people, vets and the workers from my pillow in the case we put them out of business.

“The website will be up in a couple weeks we are very much in the early stages right now.”

But Lindell, 59, doesn't appear to be sweating it.

“Good for them. … Nothing wrong with competition that does not infringe on someone’s patent,” he told Axios on Thursday.

Hogg said that his role in the future company would be advisory so he can concentrate on school. He currently attends Harvard University.

In another tweet, Hogg said the company would feature union-made products, support progressive causes and “not attempt a white supremacist overthrow of the United States government.”

Lindell's Twitter account was permanently taken down this week after he posted several tweets criticizing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and doubling down on his claims of voter fraud.

The pillow tycoon was "permanently suspended due to repeated violations of our Civic Integrity Policy", a statement from Twitter posted last week, read.

It was not immediately clear which tweets got him banned, but he faced a backlash for his comments in the wake of the January 6 Capitol siege.

He called the riot – which left five dead – "very peaceful" and blamed "undercover Antifa that dressed as Trump people" for the chaos.

"Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years," he said just weeks out from Joe Biden's inauguration.

He had also voiced support for the former President's campaign to overturn the election result on spurious allegations of vote-rigging.

Lindell previously said he doesn’t regret his election claims or his support of Trump, who he said he first met in 2016.

“I stand for what’s right,” he said.

“I’m standing firm.”

On Tuesday, those claims caused Newsmax host Bob Sellers to walk away from an on-camera interview with Lindell, a move that Sellers later said could have been handled differently, The Hill reports.

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