Passer-by karate-kicks driver through window after erratic driving

Passer-by karate-kicks driver through window after erratic driving


Dramatic moment passer-by karate-kicks a motorist through a car window after he started driving erratically through a pedestrianised square in Albania

  • A 32-year-old man was arrested after driving dangerously in an Albanian square
  • A silver car was filmed reversing at speed through a crowd of pedestrians
  • Many had been queueing in Skanderberg Square to receive their Covid jabs
  • One passer-by jumped through the car window feet-first and stopped the driver 

This is the dramatic moment a motorist is karate-kicked by a passer-by through their car window after driving erratically in a pedestrian square in Albania.

A silver car is seen reversing at speed in the middle of a public square – where vehicles are not allowed – in the Albanian capital of Tirana yesterday.

Loud squeals can be heard coming from the tyres as they brake hard on the brickwork of the square.

A member of the public runs towards the open window of a silver car in Skanderberg Square, Tirana, Albania, yesterday in an attempt to stop the driver who had been reversing at speed through a crowd of people

Leaping into the air, the passer-by karate-kicks the motorist and enters the vehicle through the driver-side window, stopping the car

A huge number of pedestrians are seen trying to approach the car to stop the driver who shows little regard for the people on foot. 

The driver-side door of the vehicle is seen flapping open, with one person even able to briefly reach inside the car and make a grab for the driver.

Despite the large crowd that followed the vehicle, the driver continues to try and flee the scene by reversing at speed and turning sharply.

However, the driver was brought to a halt after one member of the public jumped through his car window feet-first.

The flying karate-kick sent the pedestrian through the window and distracted the driver long enough for other members of the public to crowd the vehicle and bring it to a complete stop.

Police later arrested the 32-year-old driver of the vehicle who had driven erratically in Skanderberg Square, where many people had been queueing to receive a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at the time.

Albanian police say they believe the suspect was driving under the influence of drugs. 

With the driver having been distracted by the brave passer-by, a crowd of pedestrians swarm around the car

Angry pedestrians, many of whom had been queueing for a Covid-19 vaccine, pull the motorist from his vehicle

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