Police officer is filmed punching a man on a bus

Police officer is filmed punching a man on a bus


Sussex Police officer is filmed punching man as he restrains him on bus as the man screams, ‘You’re breaking my hand’

  • A video shows a police officer punching a restrained man in the head in Sussex
  • The man is on the floor of a bus in Eastbourne with two officers holding his arms
  • He complains saying ‘you are breaking my hand’ before one officer punches him
  • Did you witness the incident? Let us know, email: matt.powell@mailonline.co.uk 

A shocking video showing an officer punching a restrained male on a bus outside Arlington Arms pub in Eastbourne yesterday.

The footage, recorded from the top of the stairs on a double-decker bus, shows two police officers bringing a man down to the ground while pushing his arms behind his back.

While lying face down on the floor of the bus, the man screams out in pain and tells officers: ‘you are hurting my hand, you are breaking my hand.’

A man who was restrained on the floor of a bus in Eastbourne by two police officers, was then punched in the head by one

He repeats the statement several times, before shouting ‘you’re hurting my f*****g hand’, at which point one of the officers punches then restrained man in the head.

After striking the man, the officer then tells the man to stop pinching him.

The man replied: ‘You just punched me as well yeah?’

And the Sussex Police officer replied: ‘Yeah, for pinching me.’

Let us know, email: matt.powell@mailonline.co.uk

Sussex Police have confirmed they launched an investigation following the release of the video on social media.

Police in a statement have yet to confirm whether the male was arrested or for what offences.

‘We are aware of this incident that the officer has highlighted himself,’ Sussex Police said.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: ‘We train our officers to protect themselves and others using reasonable force and are reviewing this footage, together with body worn video captured by the officer of the entire interaction, to identify if any further investigation is required.’

Anyone with additional footage is asked to contact Sussex police at ref 538 of 16/07/2022. 

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