Salt Bae brushes off bill backlash holding 24 karat gold steak

Salt Bae brushes off bill backlash holding 24 karat gold steak


Salt Bae shares video of massive steak coated in 24 karat gold leaf as Turkish chef brushes off backlash for bragging about customer’s £140k bill at his Abu Dhabi restaurant

  • Social media star chef Salt Bae appears to dismiss critics with bullish new video
  • Millionaire restaurateur, who cooks for A-listers, charges thousands per meal
  • He was slammed this weekend for bragging about customer’s £140,000 bill
  • The eye-watering price tag for 14 guests included a whopping £114,000 for wine

Influencer chef Salt Bae appeared to mock his critics with another boastful social media post of a steak coated in 24 karat gold leaf.

The Turkish millionaire chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, shared a video to Instagram of one of his trademark steaks captioned: ‘Federal Bank – 24K gold’.

In the clip, the steak is pictured on a chopping board at what appears to be one of his kitchens. 

Salt Bae has developed a confident social media persona which some say is obnoxious

The short video was captioned: ‘Federal Bank – 24K gold’ and showed the slab of pricey meat

It comes just days after the restaurant owner found himself in hot water when he bragged about one party’s £140,000 bill at his eatery in Abu Dhabi.

Fourteen guests paid out an eye-watering 615,065 dirham (£140,584), meaning it cost 43,933 dirham (£10,041) per person.

The Nusr-Et Steakhouse charges an astonishing 9,000 dirham (£2,059) for two gold-leaf covered Istanbul steaks, 5,500 (£1,255) for two golden Ottoman steaks, 4,500 (£1,027) for two beef tenderloin, and a further 3905 dirham (£891) for 11 beef fillet steaks.

But the diners weren’t finished there. They also spent 1,200 dirham (£273) on five portions of beef carpaccio, an appetizer of thinly sliced raw meat, and 320 dirham (£73) on four flowering onions.

Salt Bae posted the picture of the bill to Instagram, and his 49million followers, with the caption: ‘Quality never expensive #saltbae #saltlife #salt.’

Shortly after, Salt Bae received a barrage of criticism from other social media users, with more than 597,000 likes, and 26,500 comments, many of them disgusted by the bill.

One user wrote: ‘This is lame, that amount of money will help a whole village from dying. This is horrible.’

Many users were completely shocked by the price and called the total ‘insane’.

Another user said: ‘There are about 98 million people below the poverty line, homeless, and you are spreading lies?!!! what is the purpose behind publishing such things? I will unfollow you and I hope so from everyone to do the same … shame on you.’

Another wrote: ’55 bucks for a Heineken just so u can ruin the meal with gold leaf and drop salt through your hairy arms.’

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