Scotland has more trans prisoners in women's prisons than whole of UK

Scotland has more trans prisoners in women's prisons than whole of UK


Revealed: Scotland has more transgender prisoners in women’s prisons than the whole of the UK as it emerges half of the inmates only began transitioning after they were convicted

  • Isla Bryson is being held at Cornton Vale women’s jail in Stirlingshire
  • Bryson would take number of trans women on Scottish female jails to seven
  • Latest figures in England and Wales show there are six female trans criminals in women only jails despite being born men

The number of female transgender prisoners placed in women’s prisons in Scotland has surpassed England and Wales after rapist Isla Bryson was convicted yesterday, MailOnline believes.

The former DJ, 31, has joined transgender paedophile Katie Dolatowski at Cornton Vale women’s jail in Stirlingshire after being found guilty of two rapes at Glasgow High Court.

According to a recent report published by the Scottish Prison Service (SPS), there were 11 trans women and five trans men in Scottish prisons at the end of June 2022.

Of the 11 trans women, six were held in men’s prisons and five were held in women’s prisons. If the figures remain the same today, Bryson and Dolatowski would take that to seven trans women in women’s prisons – more than the six in England and Wales cited in a recent Ministry of Justice report. 

Isla Bryson, 31, (right), who was born Adam Graham (left), was convicted of raping two woman while a man yesterday

Katie Dolatowski – a transgender paedophile born a man who managed to stay at Leeds Women’s Aid refuge for 71 days is also held at Cornton Vale women’s jail

Of the five trans men in Scottish jails, who were born female, one was held in a men’s prison and four were held in women’s prisons last year. 

Rapist Jonathon Mallon is said to now want to be called Charlene and told inmates that he hopes to me moved into a Scottish women’s jail by Easter

Bryson, who was Adam Graham when carrying out the violent sex attacks in 2016 and 2019, began transitioning after being charged by police. New figures emerged today revealing eight other male and female trans criminals in Scotland did the same after being convicted or remanded in custody.

Recent analysis by the Policy Exchange think-tank has warned that ‘it is not inconceivable that a man with no trans identity would make a strategic decision to change legal sex in order to move prisons’ simply because they wanted to ‘get out of the harsh, and often dangerous, context of a male prison’.

Clydebank rapist Bryson is in the segregation unit at Cornton Vale for up to a month before being sentenced.

Earlier this week serial rapist Jonathon Mallon, 40, reportedly declared that he now wants to be called Charlene and told inmates that he hopes to me moved into a Scottish women’s jail by Easter.

A murderer who changed gender in 2018 is said to be demanding to be treated as a baby by prison staff. Sophie Eastwood was called Daniel and was jailed for life in 2004 for strangling a cell-mate with shoelaces.

Eastwood, who has been living as a woman for five years, is at the all-male Polmont jail where she wants to identify as a baby, wear nappies and have meals blended like baby food.

In England and Wales, the Ministry of Justice said in its annual equalities report that there were just six prisoners who self-identify as transgender women being held in female prisons in 2022.

Clydebank rapist Bryson is in the segregation unit at Cornton Vale (pictured today) for up to a month before being sentenced

This is despite Scotland having an estimated 290 women in prison compared to 3,216 females in prisons in England and Wales in 2022.

Bryson, 31, has been accused of gaming the system by changing gender from male to female after being charged with sex attacks on two women.

A Scottish Prison Service (SPS) report last summer said that there were 16 trans inmates in Scots prisons last summer – but eight began their transition while ‘being cared for in custody following their remand or conviction for their current offence’.

In response to a Freedom of Information request by the website Back into Society, the SPS disclosed that six trans prisoners have ‘current or previous’ convictions for sex offences.

Last year it emerged that the number of transgender prisoners in England and Wales surged by almost a fifth. 

Official figures show 230 people with a gender identity different to their legal sex were behind bars at the end of March 2022, up from 197 a year earlier. 

The majority were in male prisons, the Ministry of Justice data revealed, with 162 of them saying they were transgender women.

But six inmates in female prisons said they were transgender women, having been born male, up from just one in 2021.

Campaign group Keep Prisons Single Sex said: ‘There is a marked increase in trans prisoners of male sex allocated to female estate.

‘This is concerning as the 2021 data indicated a marked trend away from allocating prisoners of male sex with no GRC to the female estate.’

However, the figures, revealed in the Offender Equalities Annual Report, could have changed since they were compiled in March, particularly as ministers last month pledged to reform the system in order to protect women.

Brandon Lewis, then justice secretary, announced that ‘transgender prisoners with male genitalia should no longer be held in the general women’s estate’, nor should ‘transgender women who have been convicted of a sex offence’.

An updated policy framework is due to be published within months.

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