Seth Meyers catches Deb Haaland staffer crawling during on-cam interview

Seth Meyers catches Deb Haaland staffer crawling during on-cam interview


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President Biden’s Cabinet is crawling with characters.

A staffer for Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland was caught on camera awkwardly crawling on the ground behind her during an interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” — and quickly became the butt of a joke.

Haaland, 60, was speaking about being the first Native-American woman to hold the position when the funnyman host spotted a guy in a suit on all fours.

“Considering I was sworn in by the very first female vice president, also a woman of color that was really probably the best par —” Haaland said before Meyers cut her off.

“I am sorry, secretary. I am going to interrupt you real quick,” Meyers said as the staffer sneakily ducked behind a desk and out of the frame.

“You have a staffer who fully crawled on the carpet behind you — and it is the greatest thing I have ever seen.”

Meyers added with a grin, “Sir, we know you’re behind the desk.”

The man, who was carrying camera equipment, then shuffled on his knees out of the frame during the live segment.

“Now, secretary, be honest,”  Meyers quipped. “Do you know who that man is and are those someone else’s glasses he’s wearing?”

Haaland laughed and said, “We don’t have people sort of sneaking around, so, yes, I know who that is.”

She added, “Thank you for making light of it, Seth.”

But Meyers said he should be thanking her because the staffer — who was later revealed to be Haaland’s photographer — had provided the show with potentially viral comedy gold.

“We’ve had giant comedy stars on this show and not one of them has thought to have somebody crawl by in the background,” he said.

The two then finished their conversation about Haaland’s role as it relates to land and the importance of having Indigenous representation in the Cabinet. Haaland was confirmed as the 54th United States Secretary of the Interior in 51-40 vote in March.

Meyers later tweeted,“I so enjoyed having @SecDebHaaland on the show but not as much as having her photographer Tami try to sneak through the background. Thank you, both!!!! Sneakery begins at 1:20.”

Replying to the tweet, one observer wondered, “Did he ever become a meme?”

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