She really is Mrs Johnson now!

She really is Mrs Johnson now!


She really is Mrs Johnson now! PM’s new wife changes her social media handles to carrielbjohnson 48 hours after the pair’s top-secret wedding

  • Boris Johnson’s wife has changed her social media handles to carrielbjohnson 
  • Carrie Johnson married UK premier on Saturday at Westminster Cathedral
  • Former Tory PR chief updated her Twitter and Instagram accounts last night

Boris Johnson’s new wife has changed her social media handles to carrielbjohnson 48 hours after their top-secret wedding.

Carrie Johnson, 33, married the premier, 56, on Saturday at Westminster Cathedral before celebrating with a small group of family and friends at a summer festival-themed party at 10 Downing Street.

The former Tory PR chief, who has a one-year-old son with Mr Johnson, updated her Twitter and Instagram accounts last night.

Boris Johnson’s new wife Carrie Johnson has changed her social media handles to carrielbjohnson 48 hours after their top-secret wedding

Boris and Carrie Johnson will delay their honeymoon so the Prime Minister can get back to his desk at No 10 tomorrow and concentrate on the fight against Covid

Her name has now been changed from ‘Carrie Symonds’ to ‘Carrie Johnson’, while her handles are now carrielbjohnson. 

It comes after Mrs Johnson’s friends claimed her marriage is a ‘triumph’ in her brutal Downing Street civil war with Dominic Cummings.

They hit out at the former No10 aide after the Johnsons surprise wedding, which capped a roller-coaster week in which the couple were both rocked by Mr Cummings’ explosive testimony to MPs.

In a sensational appearance in front of politicians probing the Covid crisis on Wednesday, Mr Cummings accused Mrs Johnson of distracting her future husband at the height of the first outbreak by going ‘crackers’ about a news story involving their pet dog.

He also claimed that the former Conservative party communications director broke the law to push the Prime Minister into appointing her friends to senior posts within Downing Street at the expense of his own loyalists.

But last night, as the new couple enjoyed a quiet bank holiday weekend – they have postponed their honeymoon until next year – friends of the Prime Minister’s third wife lashed out at Cummings and other critics of her political influence over her husband.

His wife, who is thought to have hired her wedding dress, said last night that she was ‘very, very happy’

The 33-year-old bride, who hired her £2,870 wedding dress by designer Christos Costarellos for just £45 from MyWardrobeHQ, said she was ‘very, very happy’

It came as she prepared for her first major public appearance as Mrs Johnson, when she hosts the partners of G7 leaders when they visit Cornwall next month.

One friend told the Times : ‘I’ve got huge admiration for Carrie. She’s been living through a horrendous time — she’s had to put up with accusations and smears, and she has come through it all with such dignity.

‘It’s a triumph for the way she’s handled it.’

Another said: ‘All I can say is that despite the trials of the last year, they still appear somehow to be head over heels,’ the friend said. ‘And throughout it all, whatever Dom is doing to them in the outside world, they manage to keep their sense of humour and interests going.’

It came as new details were revealed about the extent of the secrecy around the couple’s wedding was revealed, with even the choir singing for them unaware of the couple’s identity until afterwards.

The guests – limited to 30 – are believed to have included a leading Remainer. Journalist Hugo Dixon was at Eton with the PM and is a former deputy chairman of the People’s Vote campaign for a second Brexit referendum.    

Timing is NOT June 21 clue 

Ministers insist that big weddings could still go ahead this summer as doubts were raised yesterday by the timing of the Johnsons’ nuptials.

The Prime Minister’s decision not to wait until restrictions are lifted raised speculation the limit on 30 guests will not be removed on June 21.

But vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi yesterday insisted the wedding should not send a signal that the further easing of lockdown measures will not go ahead as planned.

Put to him that the timing suggested larger wedding are not imminent, Mr Zahawi told Sky News: ‘I wouldn’t extrapolate anything from that.’

Yesterday it was reported that some couples with summer weddings have started to cancel or postpone them because of uncertainty about the June 21 re-opening.


Mr Cummings last week accused Mrs Johnson of ‘unethical and clearly illegal behaviour’ when trying to get Downing Street jobs for her friends – as he admitted her dislike of him was a factor in his firing.

The former No10 top aide referred to her only as ‘the PM’s girlfriend’ as he accused her of distracting Mr Johnson and leading him into bad decisions during key moments in the pandemic.

As well as the lead up to his resignation late last year Mr Cummings also claimed she occupied the Prime Minister’s attention at a crucial stage of the pandemic in March 2020 by ‘going completely crackers’ over a story in the press about their dog Dilyn.

He described the toxic atmosphere in Downing Street amid claims the pair were at war for months until Mr Cummings and several of his allies were forced out last November.

‘My resignation was definitely connected to the fact that the Prime Minister’s girlfriend was trying to change a whole bunch of different appointments in No10 and appoint her friends to particular jobs,’ he said.

‘In particular she was trying to overturn the outcome of an official process about hiring a particular job in a way which was not only completely unethical but which was clearly illegal.

‘I thought the whole process about how the PM was behaving at that point was appalling and all of that was definitely part of why I went.’

Mr Johnson is the first premier to marry in office in 199 years. He follows in the footsteps of Lord Liverpool, who married Mary Chester in 1822 and was prime minister for 15 years.

The couple tied the knot in secret at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday before celebrating with a small group of family and friends at a summer festival-themed party in the Downing Street garden.

But the couple will delay their honeymoon ‘by a year’ so the Prime Minister can get back to his desk at No10 tomorrow and concentrate on the fight against Covid.

The bride, who hired her £2,870 wedding dress by designer Christos Costarellos for just £45 from MyWardrobeHQ for the day, said she was ‘very, very happy’. Mr Johnson – who wore a white shirt tucked into some navy trousers – did not appear to be wearing a wedding ring.

The premier is understood to have picked his closest brother Leo – co-presenter of Radio 4 series Future Proofing -to stand by his side as his best man and provide moral support on his big day. 

Fellow Johnson siblings Jo, Julia and Rachel were also in attendance at the small wedding, the premier’s third.

Both the bride and groom’s mothers joined the summer festival-themed party in the Downing Street garden, but Carrie’s father Matthew Symonds was not present. It is not known if he was invited by the couple.

It is also thought that none of Mr Johnson’s four grown-up children from his second marriage to the QC Marina Wheeler were there to see their father remarry.

No Cabinet ministers or Tory MPs were thought to have been invited to the top-secret wedding either, the Sun reports.

The couple were expected to spend the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country retreat in Buckinghamshire.

They have chosen to delay their honeymoon until summer 2022, when they will also hold a bigger wedding celebration, according to the Telegraph.

Anglican priest brands Boris and Carrie ‘the new Tudors’ after twice-divorced PM was able to re-marry in Catholic church while other divorcees had to tie knot in registry office

A priest has branded Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie the ‘New Tudors’ as she claimed the mechanism that allowed the twice-divorcee to remarry in a Catholic church had effectively ‘made his children ‘illegitimate’.’

Midlands-based Reverend Eva McIntyre, a retired Anglican priest, hit out at religious heads who okayed the service in one of their places of worship on Saturday.

The Prime Minister was baptised as a Catholic but was confirmed as an Anglican as a teenager when he was at Eton.

But the Diocese of Westminster said, as someone baptised in the faith, it meant his previous failed marriages were not considered valid because they were not Catholic ceremonies.

It prompted a row over how Mr Johnson’s ex wives must feel and what it meant for the children he had with them. 

Rev McIntyre said: ‘It’s the using of Canon Law to the benefit of the privileged & at the cost of the Church’s integrity.

‘They used Johnson’s RC baptism as an excuse to count his previous marriages void. They made his children ‘illegitimate’. 

‘And we are all serfs at the ‘mercy’ of these new Tudors.’

On Twitter another user asked: ‘If Boris marrying is Westminster Cathedral is true then, as a Catholic, I would like to know why a twice divorced adulterer was able to and my practising Catholic friend who divorced a husband who battered hell out of her had to re-marry in a registry office. ‘

Twice divorced Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds on their wedding day following a Catholic ceremony

Reverend McIntyre said the use of Canon Law in this way had made his children ‘illegitimate’

The baptism meant the Prime Minister could marry for the ‘first’ time in a Roman Catholic church.

Despite explanations about how their wedding could have been held in accordance with Vatican doctrine, the subject was being keenly discussed yesterday by Westminster Cathedral worshippers.

Some wondered whether Mr Johnson had needed to convert before the nuptials took place, while one even brought up Henry VIII’s troubled love-life as a potential precursor.

But last night a Diocese of Westminster spokesman confirmed: ‘With regard to divorced persons, a baptised Catholic who has contracted a marriage recognised in civil law but without observing the requirements of Catholic Canon Law is not recognised as validly married in the eyes of the Catholic Church.’

The Prime Minister was married to first wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen for six years and Marina Wheeler for 27 years

Austen Ivereigh, a Roman Catholic author, commentator and biographer of Pope Francis, said on Twitter: ‘Many will ask how it is that the Catholic Church, famous for its vigorous commitment to the permanence of marriage, should be witnessing the marriage of a twice-divorced PM who is publicly notorious for the opposite? What kind of message does that send?

‘But Catholics have a right to the sacraments and if they fulfil the requirements in law, and properly enter into them, no one can stop them exercising those rights.’

Mr Johnson was married to first wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen for six years and to second wife Marina Wheeler for 27 years.

A Westminster Cathedral spokesman added: ‘The bride and groom are both parishioners of the Westminster Cathedral parish and baptised Catholics.

‘All necessary steps were taken, in both Church and civil law, and all formalities completed before the wedding. We wish them every happiness.’  

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