Supermarket worker slams 'selfish' couples who refuse to shop alone despite Covid rules

Supermarket worker slams 'selfish' couples who refuse to shop alone despite Covid rules


BRITS snubbing 'shop alone' rules have been slammed for their 'selfishness' and spreading coronavirus.

A fuming supermarket employee says she's fed up with "excuses from customers who want to shop with their partner" in Wigston, Leics, despite the UK's horrendous Covid death toll.

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Speaking anonymously to Leicestershire Live, the woman added: "People that refuse to shop alone or moan at the supermarket security and shop staff are plain selfish.

"Do you want the virus to go quickly? Do you want to go back to normal? Yes to both? Please follow the supermarket rules!"

Shoppers are already asked to stand at least one metre apart to help stop the spread of coronavirus, while stores are also limiting the number of people allowed inside at one time.

The supermarket staffer has plenty of free advice for the excuses she hears from shoppers ignoring rules.

For Covidiots who claim they are clueless about what to buy, she recommends writing a shopping list to jog their memory.

And shoppers needing a partner to "carry the basket" are advised to push a trolley themselves.

Customers worried about the wintry weather, and transferring items to their vehicle by themselves are also given short shrift.

She said: "If it's cold, raining, windy – tough."

Apart from limiting the number of customers, face masks are also compulsory, unless you're medically exempt, with Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons and Sainsbury's confirming people will be barred entry for breaking this rule.

The Sun has previously explained that family outings to supermarkets are banned under the current third lockdown.

A senior government source said in January, 2021: “It’s clear that some customers see the visit as a bit of an outing. The whole family goes together and they end up talking to friends who they bumps into while there.

“Often, there’s no reason why one household member can’t do the shopping.

“Unlike other shops, supermarkets are allowed to stay open because they provide food. People should only visit them to buy what they need – essentials. And they should not be going in groups.”

And Boris Johnson warned against handling goods in stores.

The Prime Minister recently said the deadly bug can be spread through handled goods.

Speaking in a press conference Mr Johnson said: "This disease can be passed on not just by standing too near to someone in a supermarket queue, but also by handling something touched by an infected person.

"And remember one in three have no symptoms. Washing your hands now is as important as it has ever been."

The UK's current Covid death tally has already surpassed 110,000 people.

Supermarkets remain open during England's third lockdown because they are classed as essential shops under lockdown rules, so you can continue to buy food and other household items.

Ministers have told local councils to place limits on the number of people allowed into shops at any one time and to carry out fresh checks on safety policies.






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