Sweden plane crash: 'Several' killed as aircraft carrying sky divers plummets to the ground outside Orebro

Sweden plane crash: 'Several' killed as aircraft carrying sky divers plummets to the ground outside Orebro


SEVERAL people have died after a small aircraft carrying sky divers crashed in Sweden.

Paramedics rushed to the scene of the incident at Örebro Airport at around 7.20pm today.

Swedish police said several people died in the crash – but did not specify the exact death toll.

"It's a very severe accident," Swedish police said on their website. "Several people have died."

Police spokesman Lars Hedelin also said that one person had been taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Officers said the plane was carrying nine people, including a pilot and eight parachutists.


Emil Gustavsson, rescue leader at the Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre, told local TT news agency: "It is a sky diver plane that has crashed after takeoff."

Local media said the plane caught fire after crashing, but the blaze has now been extinguished.

Emergency services – including ten ambulances – rushed to the scene, according to reports.

Rescue services located the aircraft alongside one of the runways, Carl-Johan Linde, spokesman for the Swedish Maritime Authority said.

The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Örebro is the sixth-largest city in Sweden, with about 124,000 inhabitants.

Sky diving courses regularly take place in the city during the summer months – with a popular parachute club based in Örebro.

The city's airport is the fourth-largest cargo airport in Sweden.

In 2019, a tourist plane carrying nine people crashed into a Swedish river, killing all passengers.

Horrified eyewitnesses told how they heard a loud "bang" before the plane plunged into a river outside Umea during a skydiving trip.

Authorities said the passengers were skydivers and some witnesses told Swedish media they saw parachutists trying to jump off the plane just before the crash.

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