Teen, 18, left blind and horrifically scarred in acid attack by ‘jealous ex after she broke up with him’

Teen, 18, left blind and horrifically scarred in acid attack by ‘jealous ex after she broke up with him’


A TEENAGER was blinded and horrifically scarred in an acid attack allegedly carried out by her jealous ex-boyfriend.

Asya Cevahir, who had just celebrated her 18th birthday, had a corrosive substance thrown in her face as she left home last week in Istanbul, Turkey.

Despite her terrible injuries, she was able to identify her attacker as ex-boyfriend Emre Bozkurt.

Syrian refugee Asya told police she had recently dumped Turkish lad Emre, and she recognised him even though he wore a mask.

She said that he had previously threatened to kill her.

Asya was taken to hospital and treated for third degree burns to her face and body.

Doctors say she is permanently blind in one eye and has only 15 per cent vision in the other.


Video footage in Turkish media shows her heavily bandaged and lying on a hospital bed.

However there was outcry when it emerged police had not arrested the alleged attacker, who remained free.

It sparked widespread protests online and a hashtag naming the suspect was trending on Twitter.

Friends of Asya – who is transgender – said everyone should unite to condemn such attacks protect people from the LGBT community. 

Following the protests, it was reported over the weekend that Istanbul police had finally taken the suspect into custody.

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