The Obamas visit the Montserrat monastery with Steven Spielberg

The Obamas visit the Montserrat monastery with Steven Spielberg


On vacay with the Obamas: Michelle and Barack hit the sightseeing trail to visit Montserrat monastery with Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw the morning after Michelle took to the stage to sing with The Boss

  • Obamas and Spielberg have been exploring Barcelona over the past few days
  • Comes after they all attended Bruce Springsteen’s return to the stage in Spain
  • Ms Obama and Kate Capshaw stunned fans by going on stage with The Boss

Barack and Michelle Obama hit the sightseeing trail once again with Hollywood director Steven Spielberg the day after watching Bruce Springsteen return to the stage in Spain.

The former president and first lady looked relaxed as they donned casual clothes and sunglasses while waving to tourists during a trip to the popular Montserrat monastery in Catalonia on Saturday afternoon.

Obama took time to walk over to a group of tourists and shake hands with them ahead of visiting the monastery – one of most famous pilgrimage destinations which also offers breathtaking views across Catalonia.

Spielberg, wearing his trademark baseball cap, was spotted waving to gathering crowds as he walked behind the Obamas with his wife and actress Kate Capshaw.

Photos from inside the monastery showed the Obamas admiring the world-renowned Black Madonna – also known as ‘La Moreneta’.

The former president (left) shook hands with tourists, while Steven Spielberg (right) waved to crowds

Barack and Michelle Obama hit the sightseeing trail once again as they visited the Montserrat Monastery in Catalonia

Crowds of locals and tourists gathered around the Obamas’ car, hoping to get a snapshot of the former presidential couple

Swathes of locals and tourists surrounded the Obamas’ car, hoping to get a snapshot or a handshake from of one of the most famous couples in the world.

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The two couples have had a busy few days in Spain, soaking up the best of Barcelona across a trip which was dominated by Springsteen’s return to Spain – the first time he has performed in the country since May 2016.

Springsteen, who is currently touring Europe, met Obama on the presidential campaign trail in 2008, and played at his fundraisers. 

The Obamas have been close friends with The Boss and his wife for years. 

In fact, in 2021, Obama and Springsteen hosted a podcast that spawned a book Renegades: Born in the USA.

Ms Obama stunned Springsteen fans by taking to the stage of Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium on Friday night with actress Ms Capshaw.

The pair shared a microphone with Patti Scialfa, Springsteen’s wife and E Street bandmate, and played the tambourine during the hit song Glory Days.

The Obamas and Spielbergs have taken time to visit some of Barcelona’s most famous cultural sites – including the Sagrada Familia Basilica and the Picasso Museum on Friday. 

The Obamas are spotted visiting the world-renowned Black Madonna of Montserrat inside the monastery 

Barack and Michelle Obama during their visit to the monastery on Saturday – the day after Springsteen’s concert 

The Obamas walk through a square at the monastery which is a Benedictine abbey located in the mountain of Montserrat

The Obamas have been touring the sites of Barcelona with Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw (pictured together)

Obama waves to crowds as he walks to the monastery alongside his wife on Saturday afternoon

THURSDAY: Obama, Springsteen and Spielberg pose for a photo with staff at Amar – a highly-rated seafood restaurant

Barack and Michelle hold hands as they arrive at the MOCO museum in Barcelona on April 28 

 Barack and Michelle Obama and Steven Spielberg and his wife at the MOCO museum in Barcelona

Bruce Springsteen’s fans were astonished to see former first lady Michelle Obama get on stage during Friday’s concert  

The night before, they dined out for dinner with the Springsteens at Amar, a highly-rated seafood restaurant known for its oysters and caviar in the center of the city.

Staff at the restaurant were stunned by the last-minute booking and managed to secure a photo with Obama, Spielberg and Springsteen.

El Pais reported that the Obamas are staying in the five-star Gran Hotel La Florida in the city for their high-profile European vacation.

A large motorcade and security detail has been deployed for the former president and first lady’s trip, with many plain-clothes guards seen alongside them throughout their appearances.

The Obamas have been spotted strolling around Barcelona with Spielberg and his wife throughout the weekend, including before the Springsteen concert where they visited the famed MOCO Museum and ate lunch at the luxury Terraza Martinez restaurant overlooking the city.

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