Tucker Carlson airs 'leaked pic' of Chris Cuomo not wearing a mask at restaurant after CNN star bashed Trump on Covid

Tucker Carlson airs 'leaked pic' of Chris Cuomo not wearing a mask at restaurant after CNN star bashed Trump on Covid


TUCKER Carlson leaked a picture of a maskless Chris Cuomo at an outdoor restaurant after the CNN star bashed Donald Trump on Covid-19.

On Tuesday, the Fox News host claimed the images of Cuomo with a cigar in-hand were taken over the weekend at a Long Island eatery.

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He leaked the images on his prime time show because Cuomo said Trump wasn't following the coronavirus guidelines after testing positive.

"Chris Cuomo calls us immoral for doubting the rules," Carlson said. "Again, we don't judge Chris Cuomo, Chris Cuomo judges us."

Carlson's criticism comes after Cuomo shared a video of the Covid-positive president removing his mask at a distance from others during his triumphant return to the White House on Monday.

Shortly after Trump's return to Washington DC from the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland via Marine One, Cuomo blasted him on air.

Trump had walked up the steps of the South Portico, removed his face mask and stood on the Truman Balcony, where he greeted the photographers below.

He then went inside before briefly reemerging – he didn't put on a face covering during that time.

"There he is, hair blown majestically. Reshooting the scene for his own ad," the brother of New York Gov Andrew Cuomo said. "What a bunch of bull****.

"He didn’t just walk in the White House one time with no mask tonight. He had his video crew capture that stupid scene again so he could put out propaganda."

Cuomo blasted the president for "ripping off his mask and letting his Covid breath rip-roar around the White House."

His expletive-ridden rant about the GOP's "unmasked madness" came as the White House battles a Covid-19 outbreak following Hope Hicks' diagnosis.

Cuomo's outburst generated controversy online amongst Republicans given the timeline of his own quarantine back in April.

He contracted coronavirus in March and filmed a video of himself reuniting with his wife Christina and three kids after three weeks "locked in his basement" at his Hamptons mansion.

"All right," he said. "Here it is. The official re-entry. From the basement."Cleared by CDC, a little sweaty, just worked out. It happens. This is what I have been dreaming of. Literally for weeks."

But during an April 13 interview on Sirius XM radio, Cuomo admitted to leaving the basement at Easter, which is when he had a verbal fight with a cyclist.

Chief Creative Officer for conservative non-profit organization Turning Point USA Benny Johnson said Cuom's criticism of Trump was hypocritical.

"CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who: broke quarantine while COVID positive, got into a fight with a biker without a mask, likely infected his family with the virus, faked his emergence from his basement on air … Is offended that President Trump took his mask off on his balcony," he wrote.

Caleb J. Hull, a communications strategist associated with the GOP, also slammed Cuomo.

"Chris Cuomo was diagnosed with COVID-19, broke quarantine, didn’t wear a mask, put others in danger, got into a fight with a cyclist who called him out, then pretended nothing ever happened and threw a party when his 'quarantine' was over," Hull raged.

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