Ukrainian playboy 'behind Dubai naked photoshoot' is pictured with Hillary Clinton and ‘made Obama campaign donation’

Ukrainian playboy 'behind Dubai naked photoshoot' is pictured with Hillary Clinton and ‘made Obama campaign donation’


A PLAYBOY who posed with Hillary Clinton and donated to Barack Obama is behind the naked Dubai balcony photoshoot, it has been reported.

Vitaliy Grechin, 41, is based in Ukraine, where most of the models who took part in the photoshoot are from, and is reportedly a US passport holder.

According to Ukrainian news website Strana, Grechin is the organiser of the photoshoot and arranged for the trip.

A total of 11 Ukrainian women and a Russian man are known to have been detained by Dubai police and they are now being deported.

Grechin has also been detained, for filming the women, Strana reports, citing its own sources.

But Russian website BAZA reported that Grechin had not been detained.

Pictures show him posing with then US President Barack Obama in 2011 and the same year with Hillary Clinton, who was then Secretary of State.

Reports at the time show least one political donation of $33,100 by a man of his name to the Obama campaign in 2011. 

He has also been pictured with George Clooney and Sylvester Stallone.

Another photo shows father-of-one Grechin at a piano surrounded by 21 naked women in what appears to be the same luxury location where the balcony shoot took place. 

At least two of the nude models visible in the piano picture appear to be Ukrainian women already identified as part of the group who took part in the balcony shoot.

One is trained lawyer Yana Graboshchuk, 27, who also posted a picture of herself with Grechin.

She was identified by a distinctive tattoo on her bum with her horrified family saying they were "shocked" when they found out what she's been up to.

A separate recent video shows another model in the group – clothed – playing apparently the same piano as Grechin. 

According to Strana, managed to Gretchi has worked in a variety of fields from finance to the production of erotic content.

He frequently surrounds himself with women and has been pictured at Playboy-style party.

"He regularly ‘walks’ his ‘herd’ of girls, and does not hide it. Only the last trip to Dubai with a nude photo session ended badly for him and his girlfriends,” said Strana’s source.

It has also been rumoured that he organises orgies for Ukrainian MPs, the site alleges.

He allegedly has a luxury apartment in central Kyiv and more than 10 girls constantly live with him.

Grechin was reportedly born in Kiev but moved aged ten with his parents to America around the time of the fall of the USSR and said degrees in finance and personnel psychology.

There are claims he served in the US army, and that at some point he was posted to the American embassy in Ukraine. 

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