We had to shell out £22 so our children can use the TOILET at school… it’s inhumane | The Sun

We had to shell out £22 so our children can use the TOILET at school… it’s inhumane | The Sun


PARENTS are fuming over having to fork out £22 for a special note so their kids can use the bathroom during class.

A rule banning students from using the bathroom during lessons at Marine Academy Plymouth in Devon has outraged mums and dads who say the policy is "inhumane".

They say the decision is causing discomfort for female students on their monthly period – and some young women are getting urinary tract infections (UTI).

Educators say the pupils must instead go to the toilet before school, during lessons, break times and after school to go.

But the rule is being challenged by parents – including three who have branded the idea "inhumane" after female students who had their periods were made to feel embarrassed due to accidents.

Some caregivers are coughing up £22 for a doctor's note, which enabled them to be given a toilet pass from MAP. However they say they still have to wait for permission to use the loo.


Mum’s fury after school demands daughter, 14, shows ‘doctor’s note’ to use toilet

Mum Carol Courage, said her daughter, aged 12, blames the rule for her developing urinary tract infections.

Her child has been refused to use the bathroom on multiple occasions, even when she explains she is desperate.

The young woman has subsequently been punished with detentions for ignoring the tough policy.

Dawn Shepard and Trevor Joyce, who are parents of a 12-year-old girl at the school, said their daughter has had UTIs – and no longer wants to attend classes there.

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Carol said: “Even if the girls are on their monthlies or anything and need to use the toilet, even if they say they’re going to leak, they’re not allowed to go.

"Well no, it’s human right to go to the toilet.

"I get if they go in a crowd – that’s different – but if they are going on their own they are going to the toilet. It’s inhumane not to let them use the toilet.

"It’s not just me who thinks this, it’s hundreds of other parents who agree."


Dawn and Trevor say their daughter dreads going to school due to the "horrendous" policy and believe something should be in place to support for girls.

They said: “Our daughter has got to the stage where she doesn’t want to go school.

"Also to get a doctor's note for our daughter, it takes ages due to the NHS waiting lists at the moment.

“It’s a nightmare because she doesn’t want to go school because the biggest thing on her mind is not being able to use the toilets while she has the infection."

The teenager now has a toilet pass now means she can go – but still has to wait for permission.

Marine Academy has said students are able to use the toilets throughout the day, as long as it is not during a lesson.

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Leigh Withers, Principal of MAP, confirmed students are only able to use the bathroom at set times except in special cases.

She said: "If there is a medical necessity to use the toilet at other times we discuss each case with parents to ensure the best support plan is in place and this may include a toilet pass."

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