What are zombie knives, are the deadly weapons banned in Britain and where did the name come from?

What are zombie knives, are the deadly weapons banned in Britain and where did the name come from?


ZOMBIE knives continue to be available to buy online despite ministers promising a crackdown.

But what exactly are these deadly weapons? And why the sudden crackdown on owning them?

What are zombie knives?

A zombie knife is a type of bladed weapon inspired by Zombie films.

Ministers have promised to crack  down on the knives, whose blades can be up to two feet long.

The weapons often have serrated edges and words etched on to them, helping to glamorise violence.

"Zombie knives" earned their nickname as they mimic weapons frequently seen in horror films, particularly "zombie apocalypse" movies.

They are regularly marketed as collectors items.

Coming in bright colours and emblazoned with words like "zombie killer" and "slayer" the large knives look far more intimidating than a normal knife.

Several are even sold as "machetes" or "swords" rather than knives.

It reads: "We have a great choice of zombie hardware including zombie knives and zombie machetes – so, if a zombie infestation in your back garden isn't your thing then our range of zombie swords and throwing knives should be enough to keep those flesh munching half dead at bay."

On June 1 ,2018, footage emerged of a cyclist using a zombie knife to try and smash the window of a car in an apparent road rage row

The driver was forced to run for his life as the cyclist battered his car with the foot-long blade in the confrontation in Croydon, South London.

Police seized a terrifying 30 inch "Zombie sword" after stopping a car in South London.

Are zombie knives banned in the UK?

Home Secretary Sajid Javid told The Sun on Sunday that he would crack down on sales of zombie knives.

Blades of any kind ordered online will have to be collected from a non-residential address such as the web retailer’s shop.

The buyer must also prove they are over 18 — and zombie knives face a total ban.

Web giants will be forced to axe videos glorifying violence.

Mr Javid – whose Offensive Weapons Bill is currently making its way through Parliament –  told The Sun on Sunday: “I want to ensure we do all we can to tackle rising knife crime.

“Used wrongly, all knives are dangerous. I’ll restrict all online knife sales so they must be delivered to a non-residential address.”


He will tighten 2016 laws that barred anyone from buying a zombie blade, but not owning one acquired earlier.

Mr Javid added: “There’s no reason anyone needs zombie knives. But if police raid your house and you have one, they are powerless to act.

"So I’ll back The Sun on Sunday’s campaign and make it illegal to possess one.”

Meanwhile, a knife ban in schools will be extended to colleges and universities.

Mr Javid also summoned YouTube, Twitter and Facebook chiefs to discuss ways to stop the web being used to breed crime.

He wants them to tackle knife culture in the way they have for terror and religious extremism.

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