Who is Briatney Portillo and what happened to her?

Who is Briatney Portillo and what happened to her?


ONLYFANS star Briatney Portillo recently hit the headlines when she suffered a heart attack following a TikTok challenge.

Here's everything you need to know about the model.

Who is Briatney Portillo?

Briatney Portillo, 20, is an OnlyFans star and model.

The 20-year-old recently suffered a heart attack after trying a dangerous TikTok challenge.

Apart from her OnlyFans account, Portillo also shares TikTok videosthat have thousands of views.

What happened to Briatney Portillo?

Portillo is one of many TikTokers who attempted to complete the "dry scooping pre-workout" challenge.

Dry scooping is taking a scoop of pre-workout powder without diluting it in water.

The purpose of this trend is to supposedly boost the effects of the powder.

The OnlyFans star shared a video describing her experience on TikTok.

In the video, the 20-year-old is in a hospital gown with a clown filter over her face looking at the camera.

“Taking a dry pre workout scoop because I saw it trending on tiktok. Ending up in the hospital because I had a heart attack," she wrote in her vid.

She told Buzzfeed how she began to feel “tingly and itchy” all over her body.

While at the gym she said she “started to feel a heavy feeling in my chest and slight pain, but it wasn’t too bad.

"I thought it was maybe anxiety or a bad panic attack, so I decided to just ignore it and push through my workout.”

After arriving at work she called an ambulance where she was rushed to hospital.

"I realized I needed to call 911 when the chest pain got more intense and my left side felt kinda dead. I also was sweating profusely," said Portillo.

Doctors told her to avoid caffeine and to be cautious when taking supplements.

The 20-year-old said she posted her TikTok to let others know how dangerous these social media trends could be. “I just want people to be careful with what they’re consuming. Just because you see it online, even if it’s ‘fitness influencers’ doing it, doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

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