Who is Karine Jean-Pierre and how did she make history?

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre and how did she make history?


KARINE Jean-Pierre has just made history today.

The organizer, activist, political commentator, and author just keeps achieving new heights.

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre and how did she make history?

Karine Jean-Pierre has been serving as the White House Deputy Press Secretary to Jen Psaki since January 2021.

Prior to this, Jean-Pierre was President Joe Biden's Chief of Staff, while he was campaigning for the presidency.

And on May 26, 2021, Jean-Pierre made history by becoming the first black woman in three decades to take reporters' questions from behind the White House press podium.

Jean-Pierre made history while announcing history — namely, that the Biden administration just confirmed Kristen Clarke as the first woman of color to head up the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.

Jean-Pierre was very proud of her accomplishment.

"I appreciate the historic nature, I really do," she said.

"But I believe being behind this podium, being in this room, being in this building, is not about one person. It's about what we do on behalf of the American people."

What is Karine Jean-Pierre's background?

Born in Martinique to Haitian parents, Jean-Pierre was raised in Queens, NY.

She got her bachelor's degree from the NY Institute of Technology.

She also has an MPA from Columbia University, from their school of public affairs.

In 2014, Jean-Pierre also became a staffer at Columbia University, when she became a lecturer in international and public affairs.

What do we know about Karine Jean-Pierre's personal life?

Karine Jean-Pierre also made history as the first openly gay woman to lead a White House press briefing.

She said she first shattered that glass ceiling when she served as a staffer in the Obama administration.

"What’s been wonderful is that I was not the only; I was one of many. President Obama didn’t hire LGBT staffers, he hired experienced individuals who happen to be LGBT," she said.

"Serving and working for President Obama where you can be openly gay has been an amazing honor."

Jean-Pierre's partner is CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux and they share a daughter.

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