Winter snowstorm forecast to move over Plains, much of eastern US

Winter snowstorm forecast to move over Plains, much of eastern US


National weather forecast for January 13

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean has your FOX Weather forecast.

A major winter storm will start its trek across the Plains states, dive across the Mid-South and then swoop up into the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.  


Widespread snowfall totals of 4-8 inches will fall from the Dakotas to Iowa and Missouri.  

Eastern winter storm
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Strong winds will cause blowing snow and whiteout conditions. 

Plains winter weather alerts
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The winter weather, along with an Arctic cold front, will drop temperatures dramatically, bringing in dangerous wind chills once again. 

Northeast snow potential
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The Mid-Atlantic will face more snow, ice and cold air this weekend before the system moves offshore, becoming a nor’easter that will impact the Northeast and New England.  

Southeast ice potential
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The exact timing, track and snow totals are yet to be determined, so please stay informed of your local forecasts and make sure to have a plan and winter emergency kits in your car, home and workplace if you are in the path of this potentially dangerous storm.  

Eastern winter storm forecast 
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This winter system will affect travel and weekend plans for millions.

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